Oh, Goliath…

***Dedicated to my great aunt, the inspiration behind this challenge. May Her Soul Rest in Peace…***

The silent cries of a life slowly fading before one’s oblivious eyes,

The crowning glory that once adorned her head became nothing but a fading memory; what once was. 
From the paling of the skin, skin that was withering like a flower devoid of moisture, 
To the groans, the struggles and the pains in every inch of her body
His cunning ways were so inconspicuous, she barely suspected a thing… 

Like a thief in the night, he slowly crept up upon her, catching her unawares
She left the windows of her life open, she let her guard down
because aside from eating her fruit and veg and visiting the gym every once in a while, was there really more to it?
Yet he still came
He still destroyed her very slowly like a venomous snake
He dug his sharp fangs into the core of her being, releasing every bit of his malicious, malignant molecules into her
He took shelter in her body, invaded her like a parasite and stayed as if he was in paradise
He made himself at home.
The battle had just begun
She found out too late and the shock took a toll on her
She lost herself in the process
And as if that wasn’t enough, she also lost her life…
While he sat and watched and snarled and smirked
“What you gon’ do ’bout it?” he seemed to say
The invinsible, the undefeated, the Goliath of the millenium
I dare say I’m taking a stand together with the world
This Goliath may have won a few battles, but we are a new David with a forceful sling
We shall stand to slay the Goliath that’s destroyed our lives, took our loved ones and showed no pity
Together we shall be a voice, a shoulder to lean on, a helping hand…
Together #WECAN


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