… And the countdown begins!

As I edge closer and closer to my ultimate goal, the number one activity on my bucket list, the biggest challenge of my entire life and also the best thing I’ve ever planned to do for anyone, I must say I’m rather nervous. Since June 2013 when the plan came to, a lot of planning and hard work has had to be done. First off, I had to search for a job for me to be financially capable of taking on this challenge. Let me say that when God is involved in something in some ways, things will fall into place with very little effort.
I worked really hard, waking up at 6am and not sleeping until midnight or sometimes even a little after that, spending the whole day on my feet. That paid off as well because now I’ve booked my flight and my trip is completely paid off for! (Round of applause)

October 2013 came and physical exercises came with it. That, I must say, has been the hardest part of this whole experience so far. Having been out of the gym for over 6 months, I’d never realised how awfully unfit I’d become until my personal trainer instructed me to do lunges, squats, planks and the likes. I am definitely much more fitter than I was when I first started training, but I feel like I’m still a long way to go. Having done thorough research, watching fellow trekkers’ videos on YouTube to get some insight on what it’s really like to climb Kilimanjaro, I’ve grown more and more nervous and I even became doubtful at one point, asking myself, “Who do I think I am, to take on such an enormous load?”. Then my confident half reassured me saying, “Who am I not to?!” Haha

However, one thing that I love about being me is that I press on. Once I start something, I DO NOT want to give up. Most people give up climbing when they are edging closer to Stella Point, which is about an hour off, just beneath Uhuru Peak, the roof of Africa, the actual summit, THE ULTIMATE GOAL. (But why, though?) Knowing myself the way I do, I’ll keep on moving even when I’m out of breath, even if I have to crawl my way up there. That’s how determined I am! (hope it won’t come to that)

I’m also very excited because in my entire life, I’ve never really done something many have never done or attempted or thought about, something sooooo huge that I look back at and say “WOW, I did it!” In short, this will be the very first adrenalin-endorsing, blood-rushing, exciting adventure of my entire life to date. But the most important thing to note is that I’m not only doing this for the sake of thrill-seeking, I’m also doing this to support Cancer Research via my Just Giving page. I know that hundreds and thousands of people will appreciate this, because indeed every little helps. A small match stick can set the entire forest ablaze. If we all light up the candle of love, generosity and togetherness, there will be a chain reaction, and the ripple effect will indeed bounce back in ways that you cannot imagine. See, the universe was tailored in such a way that every single moment, every single action and every single person matters, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem. We can do this, we’re the dominant creation, we are the favoured and we’ve got the power!

So join me as I prepare for this challenge, I shall try to be more faithful with my blog posts henceforth. So, if you’re wondering how many weeks/days I have left, Click Here to find out!





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