Why on earth should I “grow up”? 

In exactly 6 months from this day, I’m going to be 21 again. I must say, I’m extremely nervous about all the things awaiting me in the future: the added responsibilities, moving out, kickstarting a career, the possibility of looking after another human being besides myself, accomplishing my dreams, goals and all that jazz 😖 To be perfectly honest with you, dear reader, I do not think I’m quite ready to “grow up”. 

When I hear the words “growing up”, my stomach churns and a strong and forceful feeling of dread creeps over me. What if I suck at being grown up? What if my job turns out to be super boring and mentally draining? Some people may say it’s not that complicated, but goodness knows nobody wants to get it all wrong and regret it in the future, or, God forbid, have a mid-life crisis and suddenly become determined to right the wrongs we committed in our childhood. With “growing up” comes plenty of responsibilities that I’m not quite sure I’m fully prepared to remember. Like paying bills on time (thank God for direct debits), budgeting, remembering important meetings and deadlines (once again, thank God for technology). If I grew up in the 80s, i don’t know how I would have managed to cope without my phone sending me reminders of things I need to do and places I need to be. 

I know that so many young adults around my age can fully relate. In a way, I’m glad I started university much later than my classmates, meaning when I graduate I won’t be 21 for the first time ;). I’d like to think that taking a gap year and being involved in different activities might have opened my eyes from the bubble that I lived in during my sixth form years. And of course, moving to university a little more mature than the average first year student played a major role in ensuring I don’t lose my mind. 

So as I sit here impatiently waiting for results day which is in two weeks 💔 I’m nervous beyond words, but I’m preparing myself. Now is the time to start thinking about what sort of job I want, what field I want to end up in, how best to achieve my goals, where will I live? Do I want to work in the UK or abroad? (Abroad please 🙋🏾) How will that affect my other goals? This is why I feel it’s essential to have a mentor, somebody to listen to your woes and advise you to make smart decisions for your future. However, it is important to bear in mind that a mentor does not necessarily have to be someone older than you. For me, personally, a mentor would be someone who’s accomplished things I wish to accomplish in my future, no matter their age. I say this because when I was 15 years old, I imagined my 21 year old self to be super mature, have her life together and possibly engaged to some hunk 😂 but years later, I’m still not mature enough, still not engaged and still trying to figure out this “adulting” thing. I guess you’ll never know what it’s like unless you get into a situation that forces you to grow up. 

Advice to those younger than me who can’t wait to grow up: Don’t rush it! Trust me! Stay young and innocent for as long as you possibly can! Cling onto your childlike mind because most of your great ideas, funny enough, stem from childhood when you don’t feel restricted and remember that the world is your oyster of endless possibilities! Enjoy being a child, trust me on that. 

Lastly, through my fears and my doubts, despite the voice screaming chaotic nonsense inside me, I love how there’s always a softer, sweeter voice gently telling me to be still and know that God is God! Why worry about tomorrow, when tomorrow has its own problems? I spend so much time worrying that I stop being productive. Also, growing up is so overrated! I know I’ll probably always be goofy, always be silly and I hope I preserve my childishness because it does spice up my life. Being an adult sucks, but only if you let it! Cast it all unto God and He will show you that you don’t need to “grow up” by society’s standards; you’re highly favoured! Also, what you say with your mouth, what you believe in your heart, it shall manifest. You do give power over what you acknowledge. I choose to acknowledge a future where I shall navigate smoothly with God as my pilot! My job shall not be boring and my goals shall be attainable IJN. I pray for the same over your own life, beloved reader, and may you keep a positive mindset always. 
Have a blessed week 🙏🏾


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