Who Are You?

There’s so much danger in not knowing who you are. And by this, I don’t mean knowing your name and having no identification on you, so people refer to you as John/Jane Doe. No, I mean, knowing who you truly are inside, what you want to achieve out of your life and what you want to give to the world.

The danger lies in the fact that, when you’re not sure who you are, you’re easily influenced by others. β€ͺThe hardest thing is trying to unlearn the habits you picked off someone, especially when they gave you a new identity but are now an annoying reminder of what you once had, and who you thought you were while you were busy building yourself around them. This is especially hard when that identity wasn’t yours, to begin with, so you’re like a plastic bag aimlessly drifting through the wind.

Don’t let anyone else define you

When you know who you are, it’s easier to choose the company you’d like to keep as they reflect your destination. It’s also easier to make decisions concerning your life because you’re weighing each decision with how it will impact your future and your goals. Sometimes we’re afraid to shine because we wonder what people will think of us, especially if we are the ugly ducklings turning into swans. We’re scared that they will always remember the ugly duckling and fail to see the swan, or that we will be a swan but maintain our ugly duckling ways. But, not to worry, there’s nothing that comes easy, especially when it comes to knowing yourself and being strong. There are many mistakes to be made along the way but don’t despair, because that is how you learn and discover yourself and how you deal with certain situations. The most important thing, though, is to learn from those mistakes and progress. You don’t have to let everyone know every single step you take towards self-actualisation because not everyone who smiles at you wants to see you succeed. I’m not saying be cynical of every arm that hugs you and every lip that kisses your cheek; I’m saying be weary and stay woke. Success can breed jealousy even in those you love and who love you. It doesn’t make you a terrible person; it doesn’t make them terrible people, it’s just the way things go sometimes. Just reassure them (through words and actions) of their unchanging position in your life, and all will be well.

As you progress in your self-development journey, don’t forget to be like a duck that looks cool, calm and collected as it floats above the water, but underneath it’s pedalling its legs, putting in the work. It is important to make some silent moves, with only the slightest noise noticeable through the ripples you create as you pedal through the waters of life. Don’t be discouraged by slow progress, because what you carry is different from what the next person carries. Believe in your vision so much so that nobody’s negative opinion will deter you from your path. Develop a sense of discernment to understand those who are looking out for you and those who are simply trying to bring you down.
Oh, they will doubt you, they will overlook you, they will try to force you to live up to their expectations, but just stay floating calmly like a duck while fiercely paddling away under water.

Be elegant like a swan, poised and quietly fierce; stay high like an eagle, soaring through the skies through sunny days and stormy nights, and when you’re done fixing yourself when you finally become who you know you’re destined to be, show it off like a peacock!

Wishing you a successful week as you work hard on you and your goals. Remember, only YOU know where you want to go, and only YOU (and God’s will) will get you there because you’re the one who has to live with the decisions you make and how they also impact others around you.


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  1. Barbara says:

    Wow I really like and appreciate the way you write it’s so encouraging

  2. Love this your writing style is just something else always very inspiring!!

    1. Thank you so much for your continued support! I appreciate the feedback too. Keep an eye out for more, will definitely be sharing more thoughts 😌

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