What Are You Saying?

Speak positivity upon your life. Your situation may seem dire right now, but confess greatness, confess victory and keep working hard and trusting that the Lord shall help you across this river Jordan you’re facing. Remember the last time you were in a bind, and you thought the world was about to end for you? Did it? Did things not improve?

We are not supposed to NOT go through trials. Trials help us grow. Trials test our character. This is the time to observe and understand who you are, that you may convict yourself and be better. A friend of mine made me see things from a different perspective. He said that the problems that used to be problems to you when you were 2 years old were perhaps the inability to go potty on your own. Yet you overcame that, and that was not a problem anymore. When you were 4, perhaps you struggled to write properly and legibly, but now that you’re grown, that’s probably not a problem anymore. When you were 5, you struggled with your times tables, yet now you can multiply 15 by 14 without using a calculator.

Problems and trials aren’t something to despise. Rejoice during those times because God is trying to do something within you, He is trying to make you grow and help you discover something new about yourself. Use whatever you have to overcome these obstacles. Above all else, trust in God and continue to speak positivity upon your life. Speak life into situations that are seemingly dead. You serve a God whose Son raised Lazarus from the dead, who defied all laws of death Himself, for crying out loud! SPEAK ONLY GOOD THINGS 🙏🏾



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