The story of Ruth

On the 1st of January I had a revelation (I reckon it’s actually my very first revelation so I’m quite excited). Here goes:

(Read all of the book of Ruth for full context. It’s only 4 chapters long) –

Now, according to this story, Ruth was married before to one of Naomi and Elimilech’s sons. She probably thought her life was set up and that was it for her when she met him. She probably imagined herself growing old with her husband, Naomi’s son. But then he died and she was back to square one. She abandoned her own family and followed her mother-in-law. She even took on a new faith and started worshipping Jehovah as Naomi did. When she abandoned everything and followed Naomi, she had no idea where she was headed nor what was awaiting her on the other side.

Let’s break this down a little bit more. Ruth met Boaz and they got married. They had a son, Obed, who fathered Jesse the father of David the king. David the king was the ancestor of Joseph, the father of Jesus ordained by God. (See Matthew chapter 1.) He was also the father of Solomon, the wisest man to ever grace the earth (excluding Jesus).

Now, we need to go even deeper. Ruth had no idea how significant the choice was to follow Naomi. Life is full of choices. One move can lead you one way, and another can lead you in another direction, and both could lead to happiness and fulfilment. But one could lead to so much more than happiness and fulfilment. Would Joseph exist as Joseph if Ruth had decided to go back home like her sister-in-law, Orpah, did? Probably not. Ruth may not have been honoured to have been known as an ancestor of a great king like David, Solomon the wise, and Joseph the husband of Mary and earthly father to Jesus, the Messiah.

The thing is, you may lose everything you’ve worked hard for, even things you thought were final destinations for you. Most people don’t want to marry more than once. So when you find someone that one time, you probably think that it’s forever. The same applies to our goals and ambitions. When we attain them, for example, when we start that company and it’s flourishing, we probably think that’s it and it’s all set in stone. But circumstances change. Don’t despair if you lose everything! It could be the new beginning you need to get you where you can make greater impact. You could be in store for greater heights, like Ruth. She had to marry into Naomi’s family so that they can actually be acquainted. Her husband’s death brought her even closer to her mother-in-law, whom I perceive as the key to her final destiny. If her first husband had remained alive, Ruth never would have been an ancestor to the Messiah because she wouldn’t have met nor married Boaz. But she had a choice to make, following the loss of her husband. She never would have known which way was the right way, either going back home or following Naomi. This is why it’s imperative to pray for God’s guidance and revelation, that He May order your steps, even when you don’t realise what lies ahead. He shall go before you and He shall fight for you, make a way for you and protect you. Don’t despair and don’t despise new beginnings, and remember that everything on this earth is interconnected somehow. Have a blessed week

PS: if you’d like to go deeper with the book of Ruth, please comment below or privately message me. I’d love to see a different perspective and understand it even more.

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