An Encounter…

So, we both heaved deep sighs and in our eyes lay the unequivocal look of longing, reminiscing on the mutual gut-wrenching, heart breaking experiences we’d been through. Like grapes on a vine, our minds and hearts were wired the same way, intertwined by our shared emptiness, the gaps our former lovers had left where nothing could fit. Life had dealt us harsh cards, and we chose to hide them away instead of playing them, safely tucked in a neat pile, out of love’s reach. That baby Cupid was too short to reach it, we were so sure. We both walked out, laughing, hand in hand, trying to speak of anything but our mutual pain, because the reality of rejection, of knowing that someone you chose didn’t choose you, too, was a reality we were too weak to face. So we laughed instead, commenting on the state of the economy and how hard it was to join the property ladder. We skipped down the bustling streets of London with our hearts on our sleeves, the wind blowing on our seemingly care-free faces as we sang “Tiri MaFree Spiriti” (we are free spirits) at the top of our lungs, yet we didn’t take each other home in our hearts that night. We displayed boldness, joy and stability, yet we weren’t bold nor stable enough to walk together. It turned out that this brief encounter was meant to be just that – a brief encounter…


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  1. tatenda murove says:

    Simply Beautiful !


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