Musings of a Commuter – Rivalries and Adjusting Routine

I have an unspoken rivalry with this gentleman on my 6:35AM train to London. Believe it or not, this rivalry is over a seat. Yep, a seat. The window seat in the middle section of the quiet zone, to be precise. We’ve never verbally spoken about it, neither have we behaved maliciously towards each other because of it. Whoever gets there first just sits down with a smug look on their face while the loser sits on the rest of the seats, which, I feel the urge to add, are terrible. To us, anyway.

Let me back up a little bit. As I have to wake up around 5AM every working day, I’m usually feeling sleep-deprived when I get to the train station. I make it a habit to make myself comfortable, sit by the window seat in the middle section of the quiet zone and take a 45 minute nap (that’s how long it takes me to get to my connecting train station). I then connect my earphones to my phone and play some ambient music (Weightless by Marconi Union on iTunes – check the whole album out, it will really change your nap time!) I’ve been doing this since November, and as many people do when it comes to routine, I got used to it and I got set in my ways.

One unfortunate morning, I left my house a little later than usual. I got to the train station 5 minutes before train departure time, and alas, someone in a black leather jacket and black biker jeans was sat in my seat! To make it worse, he didn’t even sit by the window like a polite commuter, oh no! He sat in the aisle seat! I was quite upset. Not only did he steal my spot, he didn’t even have the courtesy to sit by the window (because he could literally sit on any other aisle seats). Why is that particular seat a big deal?

I sleep on my right, leaning my head to the right. The rest of the seats (Besides the one to the left) are four seaters, and every commuter knows it’s difficult to nap when someone sat opposite you is staring at you. The two seaters hide all of that, and you can comfortably stretch your legs too without seeming like you’re trying to play footsie with a stranger.

The thing is, we get so used to routine that we forget about external factors that may affect our plans. We need to learn to adapt (and in my case I must either come earlier or train myself to sleep on my left). Or better yet, make sure I get enough sleep the night before so I won’t feel the need to “nap” on my train. I could use that time for a little self-development – read a book, read the bible, plan for the future, (write some more), the possibilities are endless!

Nonetheless, I still enjoy our rivalry. In fact, as I type this, I’m in my right side window seat, sipping on some imaginary tea and basically rubbing it in his face from across the aisle. Score πŸ’ͺ🏾 *insert Cardi B gif*



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